1. At least once a year perform a medical examination, including a cardiogram and a stress test.
  2. Each person needs adequate training for their condition and characteristics. Consult with a coach or trainer before planning your workouts.
  3. The perfect workout is a combination of exercise, food, and rest. Don’t forget any of the three parts!
  4. Rest at least 1 day a week. Even the highest level professionals take 24 hours off. It serves to oxygenate the body and especially the mind.
  5. If you feel very tired or have pain, it is better not to exercise and rest. In the long run you will avoid injuries and will be able to train more and better.
  6. Check your sports equipment regularly, both the weights and dumbbells you use, such as shoes, mats, benches, etc. In this way you will avoid scares and accidents.